20 October 2011

Coming Live from Florida!

“My heart is filled with songs of forever, The city that endures when all is made new, I know I don't belong here, I'll never call this place my home. I'm just passing through"-Dustin Kenrue

What better words could I come up with?

These last few weeks—no—months, have gone by so quickly, I feel as though I’ve been tossed inside a whirlwind. Working 30+ hours a week and taking two Master-level classes, I haven’t had as much time for writing as I would have liked, but slowly and surely, things are getting done.

However, that’s not what I really wanted to share today. Along with being published a second time, I have also settled my wedding date with my wonderful fiancĂ©, Jeremy. In 71 days, he and I will be married! Since deciding this toward the beginning of the wonderful semester, my life has been filled with plenty more choices regarding the wedding and what comes after. But God is good and my checklist is slowly growing smaller.

This last weekend was absolutely amazing, and so is my God. Though I missed Jeremy terribly while he is away at his brother’s wedding, our mutual friends have been very kind and kept me quite busy. Saturday morning, I ventured to a local cheese farm and we laughed and had fun along the way. Afterward, I went to a Greek festival with several other friends and quite literally, had a blast! I ate so much delicious Greek food—and all of it was a new experience!

After dinner, I headed out with another close friend to grab the silk flowers I’ll need to begin making my bouquets for my lovely bridesmaids. :)

Speaking of which, there is a totally awesome girl that I have to brag about! Her name is Jessica, and my life has never been the same since we met. She is just a plain awesome girl with a servant’s heart and a ready laugh. She and I were cracking jokes by the end of our first meeting! The thing I love about her the most, is how she has been there for my family while I’ve been gone. My parents gush about her (which is pretty spectacular, I must say) and I know they love having her around.

But the best thing about Jessica, is how she managed to snag my brother’s attention. I have seen such an amazing change in him since she came along, and all I can say is, “Thank you, Jess. I love you, Sis.”

By the way, did I mention I love coffee? Well, I do. And the Drowsy Poet is such a friendly, wonderful place, and their coffee is delicious! Better than Starbucks any day!

I have so much more I could say, but I’m out of time. To all my distant loved ones, a warm hug and kiss! I cannot wait to see you in December!