12 March 2012

Haikus (Is that the correct plural term?)

The click-clack of the

keyboard is as soothing a

lullaby I know.


Last minute sunshine;

clear skies and no falling leaves--

--Indian Summer.


Dreary winter days;

bare branches, stretch like broken

fingers, desperate.


That painful throb, a

loss of balance, unfocused

thoughts--a troubled heart.


Breathy gusts, soft rain--

like cold kisses from above,

frozen so they keep.


Just some random haiku I've been coming up with here and there. Thought for sure I had a few more...

02 March 2012

Misty Musings...

With whisps of mist entwined within my hair and sunbeams on my skin, I feel like the wind is whispering my name (and that voice is so familiar...) and that the earth beneath my feet is calling to me (and urging me to dance). Something out there knows who I am--the me that no one else can see. He knows me, understands me, loves me...with a love so deep and unfathomable...I cannot blame the earth for the trembling in my knees, or the wind for the tears in my eyes.

What love is this? that He should love me...

Dedicated to my lovely sister, Denise, my beloved free-spirit-butterfly.