05 September 2010

Answers to Prayer

Well, first, I got to Florida safely, though it felt at times that the airport was doing its best to keep me in Maryland. After about 6 hours in airports/airplanes, I arrived in Pensacola and after a short taxi drive, I came to college for my last semester. I discovered during the drive that taci drivers are crooks and I am so thankful for my own car to go into town while I'm at college.

Second, I got to hang out with some of my friends while I waited for my wonderful Jeremy to get off work, and take a nap. But even better; one of my friends helped me find my room and I discovered that the LORD answered Laura's and my prayers about our room.

1. We are together!
2. We will both hopefully have bottom bunks!
3. We got an end room!

God is so good.

Third, I fully enjoyed my weekend with the Brewer family, and I was so excited to be able to cook a meal for them this time around. My spaghetti was accepted with much compliments. We watched a few good movies and Jeremy and I got to relax together for the first time in three months; it was wonderful.

To all of you out there who followed me this summer, thanks, it's been fun! I won't be blogging again until December, but you will all be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and happy school years for those of you whom that affects!

01 September 2010

Oh the Deviousness of Me!

So, tonight is my last night in Maryland and I had a secret. A secret I managed to hide from my mother all week up until the moment it was sprung. She will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday, and since I would not be here, my dad and I decided we would celebrate before I left. All day today, she thought I was preparing some food for a going-away party for myself tonight after church...little did she know that the party was for her.

We left our house early to pick up some random things, and along the way, I convinced her that my dad had talked me into a going-away party, and together we bought some cake and ice cream and sherbet for punch. When we got to church, I made her sit with the other ladies and quickly put the cake and ice cream out on the tables, quickly writing her name on the cake with some icing and food coloring I had snuck into my bag.

Well, she was surprised, and teased me about being a brat, but I know she was happy. This was the first birthday I was able to celebrate with her since I started college and I'm so glad we could do it together this September. I love you, Mom!